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It was high time to buy a stock photo!

"install Weatherbug one more God-damn time, Mike, you'll be running DeepFreeze faster than you can say Ask Toolbar.", thought the IT lady.

You know, I should use this front page for something.

1 : You know who really fucking sucks at responding to "your have hacked customer routers" emails?

Canadian ISPs. That is who. Not exclusively, just especially. 


2 :  STFU about what you think a bomb looks like.


3 : Infosec news seems to consist of taking other people's articles and putting quotes around them in your own article. But the time your corporation news talks about it, there have already been samples with comments posted for over a week.

 a: Someone finds something, sort-of documents it.

 b: Someone else finds the same thing, documents it a little better.

 c: Real researchers do a deep dive, their sales/PR wing, thinly veiled as news outlets then post it like it is totally new. No mention that this thing has been around for a while already.

 d: "Pageview companies take the article from step C and put quotes around it", said the researcher from Step C. "No additional content is added", another step C researcher said.



Gotta be honest. This is a stupid hobby.


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