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You installed Office 2003 while logged in as user A. Now user B tries to run an Office application (Word, Excel, et al.), and they get this:

SKU011 or SKU111.CAB missing.

Oddly enough, you might be able to cancel your way through the dialogs and still get to use Office 2003 applications just fine.

You could go get the Office 2003 install CD and give the dialog what it wants. You could go pirate a copy of and and maybe get owned, fined, fired, sued, and/or imprisoned.

However, there might be nothing wrong with the application software, it might just be a bad registry entry. Shit, the software seems to work fine otherwise.

Try it. (Backup you registry before you make any edits.)


regedit (start menu -> run -> type regedit)

Navigate down

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft ->

Office -> 11.0 -> Delivery

Under Delivery, there should be just one:

DownloadCode folder (with a bunch of hexidecimal stuff), select it.

Make sure the

CDCache key has a value of 0.


If it was already 0, sucks to be you. Now gtfo.

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