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Fake Chase Online phishing scam email claims we noticed irregular activity on your Chase Bank Account, link goes to fake Chase phishing website.

Spoofs in both envelope and FROM header.

Subject: Chase - Irregular Activity On Your Account.

[Chase Logo]
Dear Chase OnlineSM Customer:,

We noticed irregular activity in your Chase Bank Account
through your Card.

For your protection, you must verify this activity before
you can continue using your Account.

To verify your statement, click on the link below.


This instruction has been sent to all bank customers on the
same issued and is obligatory to follow.

We hope you find our Internet Banking service easy and
convenient to use.
Yours sincerely

[nice signature]

Ashley Machin
Chase Bank,
Digital Banking Director

Picutre of fake chase phishing scam email

The link redirects to:

Picture of fake Chase phishing landing page.

The VERIFY HERE link points to:

which redirects to: /wp-includes /Text /Diff /Renderer 
/uupdate / Logon.php ?LOB=RBGLogon &_pageLabel=page_logonform

Headers samples:

Received: from []
  X-Envelope-From: service
  From: "Chase Online" <service>


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